Unimogs FOR SALE - Call 585-377-7164 or email for more information.
1981 416 DOKA Unimog
This truck is a stalled project ready to be restored. Includes a 6-speed transmission, standard axles, safari top, spider frame but not the bed. Many new parts. You can buy it "as is" for $38,000 or pre-purchase and have it restored to your specifications.
1973 416 DOKA Unimog
It will be FOR SALE once done!

This truck will be undergoing a full restoration just like the one on the current projects page. It will receive a turbo motor, 16 speed air shift transmission, and "ultrafast" axles. The cab will be restored, as well as the interior. Options can be added, like AC, winches, dump cyl. ect. Watch for updates on this next project!

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