406 and 416  Unimog Parts - New
We have been buying out Unimog parts inventories from all over the place! When we get a great deal, we pass on the savings to you!! All parts are new, factory OEM unless stated, however some may not have the original packaging. Many of these parts are obsolete and are no longer available, even through Mercedes Benz.
LIMITED SUPPLY! Act fast... some of these of parts are very rare.

To place an order email or call 585-377-7164.
We accept the following forms of payment: PayPal, wire transfer, money order, personal check and cash. $15 minimum purchase.

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Unimog Motor Dip
Motor Dip Stick
Part# 3520102472
price $20.00
compare to MB $30.53
Unimog Had Throttle Pivot Arm
Hand Throttle Pivot Arm
Part# 4063000045
price $39.00
compare to MB $48.92
Unimog hand throttle
Hand Throttle Base Mount
Part# 4063000045
price $39.00
compare to MB $48.92
Unimog Oil Cap
Oil Cap Later Style
price $14.00
compare to MB $21.36
Unimog Oil Cap
Motor Oil Cap with Breather
Part# 0000182835
price $18.00
Unimog Oil Cap
Oil Cap - Threaded
Also used on cars.
Part# 1365010054
price $19.00
compare to MB $26.09
Unimog Oil Drain
Oil Drain Plug
with copper seal.
price $5.00
Unimog Fuel Spring
Fuel Spring price $2.00
compare to MB $2.81
Unimog Heater Hose
Heater Hose price $24.00
Unimog Convertible Air
Convertible Air Intake
Rubber connecting hose for convertible cab air intake.
Part# 4069870644
price $48.00
compare to MB $72.12
Unimog Alternater Fan Pulley
Alternater Fan Pulley
If your tach is not reading properly it could be time to change your worn out pulley.
Part# 0001556318
Unimog Fuel Tank Cap
Fuel Tank Cap
Part# 4114700105
price $18.00
compare to MB $24.36
Unimog Radiator Cap
Radiator Cap
Part# 0005011815
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Unimog Dash Pad
Dash Pad
New Mercedes Benz factory rubber dash pad for 406 / 416.
price $50.00
Unimog Hub Caps
Hub Caps
These new hubcaps are made for all six lug axled Unimogs. Unlike the factory ones, these have a solid center that has a hole to except a star truck emblem. They add just the right amount of "BLING" to your truck. The star emblem is not included, as they can be had from many different sources, like Ebay.
price $450.00 set

406 / 416 Fiberglass Unimog Hoods
Two piece mold process that creates a smooth finish on both the inside and outside. Studs mounted right into the fiberglass for two latches. Indents for all mounting holes including emblems and keyways. They are very stiff, light weight and fit great.
price $450.00
Unimog Grill
Unimog Grill
This is a custom made one piece grill that is much stronger than the factory grill. I only have this one, so act fast and don't miss out on it!
price $249.00
Unimog Bed Star
Unimog Bed Star
Replace your rusted out bed star. This new bed star is better than original with thicker gauge steel. Made right here in the U.S.
price $695.00
Unimog Battery Box
Unimog Battery Box
These are made just like the factory ones, only better! They are e-coated for rust prevention. Will mount right up to your 406 / 416. Made right here in the U.S.
price $395.00
Unimog Convertible Door
Convertible Door Check
Part# 4217230020
Unimog Convertible
Convertible Vent
Vent for convertible heater Part#4268310023
price $29.00
compare to MB $36.33
Unimog Case Rear Tail Light
Case Rear Tail Light Bracket/Mud Guard.
Replace those bent up or missing light guards today!
Unimog Schmidt Relief Valve
Schmidt Relief Valve price $95.00
Unimog Track Rod
Track Rod Bolt
These are the shouldered bolts that mount the track bar to the axle. You will need two per truck. Replace that rusted worn bolt and end that front shimmy forever.
Part# 4069905155
price $15.00
compare to MB $19.29
Unimog Wiper Linkage
Wiper Linkage Arm
On motor for air wipers.
Part# 0008245510
price $41.00
compare to MB $51.45
Unimog Wiper Mount
Unimog Wiper Mount
If your wiper arm slips, this may be all you need to fix it. Replace both to insure visibility in the rain.
Part# 0008240214
price $15.00
compare to MB $19.05
Unimog Wiper Motor
Unimog Wiper Motor Arm
For electric motor. Part# 0008244410
price $10.00
compare to MB $13.38
Unimog Air Wiper
Air Wiper Motor
Part# 0008249901
price $295.00
Unimog Sway Bar Link
Sway Bar Link
Part# 4163200127
price $140.00
compare to MB $178.28
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Unimog Oil Filter Housing
Oil Filter Housing
Brand new oil filter housing with filter for 406 / 416 Unimogs.
Part# 3521804210.
orig. price $395.00
ON SALE $295.00
compare to MB over $580
Unimog O Ring Filter
O Ring Filter
O Ring for Large Oil Filter.
price $2.95
compare to MB $
Unimog Fuel Filter
Fuel Filter Screen
Part# 4114770015
price $10.00
compare to MB $13.37
Unimog Oil Filter #2
Oil Filter #2
Oil filter without rubber ring.
Part# 3141800109
price $10.00
Unimog Power Steering Fluid
Power Steering Fluid Filter
Part# 0004660404
price $8.00
compare to MB $13.05
Unimog Oil Filter #1
Oil Filter #1
From 1978 on with handle and rubber ring on filter.
Part# 4641800009
price $10.00
compare to MB $14.31
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Unimog 12V Tachometer
12V Tachometer
This is a factory 24V tach that has been converted to 12V. Mercedes wants over $500 for one, so you can see what a deal these are.
price $195.00
Unimog 2 Speed Wiper Relay
2 Speed Wiper Relay
For two speed wipers.
Part# 0008240318
price $65.00
compare to MB $81.75
Unimog 24 Volt Blower
24 Volt Blower Fan
New take-off 24v blower fan and motor with mount. Will fit right in the housing you have now! Have a limited supply, so act fast!
price $125.00
Unimog 406/416
Unimog 406 / 416 Heaters
These are brand new heaters for the 406 / 416 Unimogs. Part # 4168300300. Mercedes list price is over $1750.00 for one. These are 24v for $595.00 or I can convert them to 12v with a new motor and fan for $750.00. This is a savings of over a grand!
price $595.00-$750.00
Unimog Gear Reduction
Gear Reduction Starters
After months of research and development, we are proud to offer gear reduction starters for the 406 / 416 and SBU Unimog trucks. Available in both 12v. and 24v. These new starters are a direct replacement for the factory starters, with no clearance issues with the stock exhaust, while spinning the motor much faster with less amperage than the factory starters. They free spin at over 4660 RPM's. What this means is you no longer need such a big battery to start your truck, which is very important on those cold winter mornings. A faster spinning starter, means a quicker start.
price 12V - $350.00
24V - $375.00
Unimog Heater Blower Fan
Heater Blower Fan
price $49.00
compare to MB $61.62
Unimog Oil Pressure Sending
Oil Pressure Sending Unit
Part# 0045428917
price $75.00
compare to MB $93.93
Unimog Temperature Sending
Temperature Sending Unit-Short
Part# 0015422317
price $18.00
compare to MB $22.80

Pressure Switch
Part# 0015451214
price $31.00
compare to MB $39.69
Unimog Temperature Sending
Temperature Sending Unit-Long
Part# 00115428417
price $63.00
compare to MB $78.86
Unimog Side Marker
Side Marker Light
Both right and left side.
price $70.00 each
compare to MB $89.41
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Unimog Hydraulic Line
Hydraulic Line
Part# 0005513556
price $205.00
compare to MB $257.40
Unimog Steel Oil
Steel Oil Lines
Part# 4065506157 and #4065506357
price $105.00 each
compare to MB $135.21
Unimog Hydraulic
Hydraulic Hose - Steel Line
From tank to control.
Part# 0005513956
price $192.00
compare to MB $241.20
Unimog Hydraulic Pressure
Hydraulic Pressure Accumulator
Part# 0005530010
price $190.00
compare to MB $238.46
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Disc Brake Pads
Factory OEM made by FTE. Four pads to a set. You need three sets per truck. Two for the front axle and one for the rear axle. Fits some SBU's as well.
Unimog Large
Large Bearings
For the portal boxes on 406 / 416 and some SBU's.
price $125.00 each
ON SALE $95.00 each
Unimog Power Steering
Power Steering Pump Pulley
Part# 4065520246
price $142.00
compare to MB $178.02

Front Portal Box Vent Tubes
These custom made portal box vent tubes allow oil that is pumped out of the box, and up the breather tube, to flow back into the portal box, instead of going into the main axle housing. This will save your portal boxes from failure from a lack of oil. Includes new banjo bolts and copper seal washers. Will fit 406 / 416's and SBU's with six lug wheels.
price $175.00 per side
Unimog Adjusting Nut
Adjusting Nut
For drum brakes.
Part# 4214210176
price $2.00
compare to MB $3.30
Unimog Brake Spring
Brake Spring
For shoes on drum brakes.
Part# 4169935310
price $5.00
compare to MB $7.14
Unimog Transmission Dip
Transmission Dip Stick
Part# 4042600074
price $48.00
compare to MB $65.43
Unimog PTO Oil Line
PTO Oil Line
Part# 4062602685
price $45.00
compare to MB $56.40
Unimog Power Steering
Pressure Hose
Power Steering Pressure Hose
Part# 0005512956
price $80.00
compare to MB $100.44
Unimog Main Shift
Main Shift Lever
Replace that main shift lever that is cracked or bent.
Part# 4062602139
price $130.00
compare to MB $168.09
Unimog Reverse Shift
Reverse Shift Lever
Part# 4062600095
price $239.00
compare to MB $300.26
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Unimog Winch
Winch Fairlead
New take offs from 12k lb. winches swapped over to synthetic rope. New never used, still in the boxes.
price ONLY $30.00
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